choosing adoption & China (the beginning)

for a while now i’ve been planning on going back and writing about the months leading up to our decision to adopt. but as i’ve found out, planning leads to procrastinating about 98% of the time. at least for me it does! so, i figured the only way i’ll be able to actually get it done is to stop what i’m doing at this very moment (in this case, balancing our checkbook) and just make a rough attempt at it. so, without further order to keep this post to a somewhat manageable length, i’ll refrain from including every single detail that comes to mind. rather, i’ll touch on what i feel are the most important. i’ll also refrain from using any capital letters in any of my sentences. you’d be surprised how much time you can save by avoiding the shift key....

early on in our marriage julie and i had discussed the possibility of adoption. we knew from the beginning that if we were unable to have a child, we would definitely pursue adoption. we knew that we would love and care for an adopted child no different than a biological child. 

from around october of 2003 to june of 2006, julie and i tried to start a family. we experienced two miscarriages early on, and later, several months of fertility treatments. as we were undergoing the fertility treatments, we began discussing adoption again on a regular basis. 

within a month of our last round of fertility treatments, we had made the decision to adopt, to adopt from china, and had chosen an adoption agency. to some this may seem a bit rushed. to us it just seemed natural. we know that God has a child for us. whether we have one on our own or have one through adoption is an insignificant detail. what’s important is that she will be our child.

the more i sit and think about it, the more excited i get. i know there will be delays. i know there will be a lot of unknowns. i know that there will be frustration, anxiety, impatience, tears, etc. i know that most of these things will be beyond our control. but i know for certain that God will handle those things for us. through prayer i’m reminded of who lies at the end of our long journey ahead, and everything else just fades.


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