Friday, August 11, 2017


After a month of having two 7 year olds Ella finally turned 8.  For her birthday she requested ice cream cake, and that she wanted to make it herself.  And shrimp for dinner.  DONE and done!

Her birthday adventure was a visit to the Creative Discovery Museum.  One of her favorite places to go!


So the baby went and turned 7 on us.  I guess that means he's not really a baby anymore.  Between #7, first grade, and those big kid front teeth coming in he's definitely not looking like a baby anymore.

His birthday request was Star Wars, again.  And a water balloon fight.  Easy enough!

And Wyatt's birthday adventure this year was to visit the College Football Hall of Fame.  I'm not sure the other 2 kids enjoyed it, but Wyatt thought it was awesome!