Sunday, March 26, 2017

birthday adventure {Wilson}

This year instead of birthday parties we're doing a family birthday adventure.  Will's the first one up.   But let me back up first....Will has always had a bucket list.  We finally took time to write it down.  Not pictured is his animal bucket list.  Beluga whales and polar bears are #1 and 2 on the list.  So this years birthday adventure tackled the #1 animal...the belugas.

Off to the Georgia Aquarium we went, a few weeks early, to celebrate his birthday.  And to see the belugas.  And the whale sharks.  Turns out the whale sharks were way more impressive to him than the belugas.

We all agreed the Sea Lion and Dolphin show were our favorites.  Will talked Chris into the splash zone section of the dolphin show, while the rest of us sat up a little higher.  Thankfully so....they were SOAKED!

I loved this kind of birthday party....I hope the trend continues!

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