Sunday, March 26, 2017

birthday adventure {Wilson}

This year instead of birthday parties we're doing a family birthday adventure.  Will's the first one up.   But let me back up first....Will has always had a bucket list.  We finally took time to write it down.  Not pictured is his animal bucket list.  Beluga whales and polar bears are #1 and 2 on the list.  So this years birthday adventure tackled the #1 animal...the belugas.

Off to the Georgia Aquarium we went, a few weeks early, to celebrate his birthday.  And to see the belugas.  And the whale sharks.  Turns out the whale sharks were way more impressive to him than the belugas.

We all agreed the Sea Lion and Dolphin show were our favorites.  Will talked Chris into the splash zone section of the dolphin show, while the rest of us sat up a little higher.  Thankfully so....they were SOAKED!

I loved this kind of birthday party....I hope the trend continues!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

where's that checkered flag???

It's time again for the Awana Grand Prix (pine box derby) race!  Wyatt was VERY determined to win.  And Ella was determined to have a really cool looking car.  Chris got to work on learning how to make a piece of wood race at top speeds.  Meanwhile the kids chose their designs.  Wyatt wanted a red sports car with flames.  Ella requested a purple Batgirl car, completely with Lego Batgirl driving.  In the end, Wyatt won the first heat, beat out Ella in the second heat, and went on to be the overall winner of the Sparks (age group).  He raced in the final Grand Prix but came in second.  Still he was pretty proud of his Sparks win . And wore the most adorable grin the entire afternoon.  Ella was pretty thrilled with her 3rd place trophy for best design.  It was a winning afternoon for our household!

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

some one has a new accessory

It was time for Ella to join our glasses club.  As Wyatt puts it "I'm starting to feel left out!".  But Ella isn't truly excited about wearing them just yet.  But she was amazed at how much better she could see.  She made it through her first day of school with them, and said it wasn't too bad.  She picked this pair because the inside of the frames are pink and neon green.  They are perfect for her!

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Daddy-Daughter night

Daddy-Daughter Date night at church!  Ella loves this event.  But especially loved that they got to paint each others nails, haha. Such a fun night for these two!