Friday, July 15, 2016

Fun with the fishes

We had hopped to take a mini vacation, but Will's broken arm and Wyatt's swimmers ear (that wouldn't go away) changed our plans.  So we had a staycation day instead, to the aquarium. Wy and Ella don't recall ever going before (we had a membership the first year Ella was home....but they were both so young...).

We stopped at the stingray petting pool first.  They loved it!  Even though Wyatt only wanted to watch, and "pet them from behind the glass".  Which is the same thing he did when we got to the sturgeon tank too.  The butterfly garden was a hit with all three!  Ella was the butterfly whisperer, they all landed on her.  Will was disappointed no one wanted to land on him.  But he was pretty happy to just study them up close and personal.  Wyatt was SO excited to finally see real-live penguins.  And we got lucky that it was feeding time for them!  

Will excitedly showed us all the "secret" doors he got to use while he was at aquarium camp in June. And point out the creatures he got to see up close.  

Of course, we were all excited to see the otters play around.  

It was a fun-filled day with Mimi!

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