Tuesday, June 28, 2016

6 years ago in a galaxy far away...

Wyatt's 6th Birthday was a long time in the making. He was insistent he finally have a solo party all for himself. With a bouncy. At his house. We're considering dialing back the big parties so I wanted to make sure Wy and Ella both got a party of their very own at least once while they are little. 

Wyatt said this was the best day ever. Even if it was the hottest day EVER. 

All of Wyatt's birthday dreams came true today:
Star Wars party ✔️ 
water slide✔️ 
a party just for him (not sharing it w Ella)✔️ 
a party in his own yard✔️ 
powdered donuts✔️ 
cake, not cupcakes✔️ 
The only request not met was the "boys only" party 😂

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