Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Easter 2016

I tried something different this year. Easter pics before Sunday morning chaos. It was also pic time at school and I knew I'd be tempted to order school pics if I didn't have any recent "posed" pics of each of the kids. Win, win!

And very important to know, Wyatt picked out his outfit from the catalog that came in the mail.  He said he wanted it ALL.  The suspenders, bowtie and shirt.  And since the poor kid gets (mostly) hand-me-downs I forked over the big bucks to make his day.  Money well spent!

We had our traditional egg hunt with Mimi and Poppy at lunch time. We stuck with the color coded egg hunt that's been working for years. Only downside is we have a few who like the "tattle" about where someone else's eggs are. But otherwise it works and everyone is happy with their green, blue or pink eggs. No egg hunt with Nana and Papaw this year, we missed out since we headed to the beach after lunch.

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