Monday, December 14, 2015

tis the season

Ella and I attempted baking our own cinnamon rolls.  She normally makes these with Mimi so she was full of helpful tips for me.  But we were proud of how they turned out.  It’s not Christmas until there are cinnamon rolls filling the air. 

Saturday we pulled out the tree and started decorating.  I was surprised that they all wanted to help decorate the the tree this year.  They normally are not interested.  But they looked for all of “their” ornaments and found just the perfect spot on the tree for them.  And then Will read all about each ornaments in our photo book.  It was pretty perfect!

And to make things even better, once the tree was up, our elf finally arrived.  Flynn Flyer made quite an appearance…parachuting in and getting hung up on the gutters.

Our holiday countdown has begun….

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