Monday, November 02, 2015

Halloween! 2015

My two ninjas and Darth hit the streets early Saturday night.  Rain was in the forecast so early seemed better anyway.  Our golf cart shuttled us around from door-to-door as the kids quickly filled up those tiny pumpkins.  About 30 minutes in Wyatt was DONE saying he was too tired to go on.  Wilson didn’t last much longer.  But Ella was still going strong.  We finally quit when all three moaned and groaned when we asked them to go to one more house.  Once home they were happy to sift through their loot.  Will quickly filled up “Mom & Dad’s bowl” with the “disgusting” stuff.  Wyatt contributed a few things. Ella contributed only two things, ha! 

They soon ditched their costumes and were content to hand out candy to all the neighbors stopping by.  And somehow all three kids were tucked in bed by 8:30! 

2015-10-31 halloween (1)

2015-10-31 halloween (2)

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