Friday, September 25, 2015

a room re-do

Part of Wyatt’s 5th birthday included a room update.  Out went to the planes, trains and automobiles (which were mostly hand-me-downs from Wilson’s old toddler room) and in came Star Wars.

Since we moved in, three years ago, we intended to add navy to his walls.  It was my favorite part of Will’s old room and I wanted to add it to Wyatt’s.  It just took three years to figure out how I wanted to do it.  Thankfully the idea collided with the Star Wars idea. 

My original idea was a “sprinkling” of stars and Star Wars ships.  But a lot like letting a kid decorate a Christmas tree, where all the ornaments end up in one spot, the same thing happened with the ship stickers.  And every time I turned around Wyatt (or Chris) requested another ship. 

2015-07 Wys room

I tried to look back and find a pic of Wyatt’s “old” room and only found THIS.  Clearly, I knew his room wasn’t finished. 

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