Wednesday, August 05, 2015

camp China, part 1

Ella and I took a road trip with our BFFs Angie and Hope (formerly known as Yaya).  We went to camp for a long weekend.  Camp China to be specific.  The girls were excited to have their Mommy’s all to their self for the weekend, and to spend the weekend with kids from “my China”. 
After many rounds of “are we there yet?” we arrived in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The girls were beyond relieved to be out of the car, and even more excited to be wearing their camp shirts!
2015-07-27 camp china (44)
A few hours later we met the girls counselors for the weekend.  The weekend was filled with lots of fun things: crafts, story time, songs, exercise.  And all things China. 
2015-07-27 china camp (1)

2015-07-27 china camp (8)

During the afternoons we had free time.  We attempted Chinese style painting, calligraphy and tai chi.  And even braved the super cold pool one day.
2015-07-27 china camp (2)
to be continued….

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