Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Not so 20/20 now

About 18 months ago we took Will and Ella to the eye doctor, both got the all clear.  Though the doctor suspected Ella might need glasses before she started Kindergarten.  So last week we went back to make sure everyone was still okay.  Prior to the appointment, we prepared Ella for the possibility of needing glasses.  We went over and over it.  She was prepared.  Too bad we prepared the wrong child for glasses…

Ella’s eyes are still doing good.  Though glasses for reading will probably be needed eventually.  But Will was not so lucky.  Apparently, he’s like his Momma and needs glasses for distance.  Poor guy is not thrilled with this idea.  We’re praying the green glasses he picked out will make him feel super cool!  And hopefully, he will have the summer to get use to them before going back to school.

Hopefully he will let me sneak a few pictures of him in his new green specs!

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