Wednesday, April 08, 2015

such a big day!!!

Today we registered Ella for Kindergarten.  It was a quick stop at the school.  Two forms later and she is signed up to start school in the fall.  She asks almost daily when she starts big kid school.  And today brought her one step closer.  She was SOOO excited this morning.


And to make the day even better, the kids museum was handing out free t-shirts at registration and she thinks this shirt officially makes her a Kindergartener.  I’m afraid she will never take it off now!


In other news, we had to take Will to the dentist because he has an adult tooth coming in the wrong spot.  And the baby tooth wasn’t falling out.  Long story short, he had to have THREE teeth pulled to make room for this wayward tooth.  He handled it like a champ.  And the best part was that the got to eat ice cream for dinner. 


It’s been a pretty monumental week around here!

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