Thursday, April 30, 2015

a for-real FIRST {Ella}

As if last month’s “is Wyatt’s foot sprained or broken?” wasn’t fun enough, we thought we’d add a “it’s definitely broken” twist. 

Ella plays hard during Wednesday night game time at church. Last week, she won all three games.  And I’m sure she was determined to have a repeat performance this week.  Unfortunately, while playing Run Chicken Run she tripped and crashed.  Thankfully, Chris was in there during game time and witnessed it.  While her arm did not immediately look hurt, she did act hurt.  But Chris was able to calm her down so we assumed it was fine.  At home, she asked for a bath to make her feel better.  But during the bath I could tell she was not okay.  After a few frantic texts back and forth with our favorite, always on call, nurse/aunt Denise, we decided to head to the ER.  A few, painful x-rays later it was confirmed that it was a fractured elbow. 

The application of the splint/cast was entertaining.  And it was determined that our extra spicy girl, with two brothers, should have a few extra layers to keep it intact until we can see the Ortho doctor next week, and get the real cast on.  Prayers that it works in our favor!

2015-04-30 ouch

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