Thursday, March 05, 2015

renaissance man

Literacy week was cancelled due the 2 weeks of snow days we had.  So the weeks activities were rescheduled for Tuesday. Costume day + poster day all in one. 
Mister Wilson had both ends of the spectrum covered.  Super Heroes vs Birds of Prey. Fiction vs Non-Fiction. His love for both is equally split. He would make a pretty good renaissance man.
2015-03-02 W literacy day
For his book character costume Will effectively argued that Spiderman was more than a comic book character since he had a chapter book with him in it. I tried to argue for Jack from the Magic Treehouse books but he wasn’t buying the idea.  So Spiderman it was.  And he was very insistent that his book poster be from his most favorite book, Birds of Prey.  Specifically, the osprey.   I think literacy week might be his favorite week (or rather day) of the school year.



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