Saturday, March 21, 2015

mudless mud room

Both my parents are pretty crafty people. The phrase “surely, we can make that.” was uttered frequently.  And often times we did so, successfully.  And that has transferred to my adult life as well.  Chris has gotten use to the idea.  And is usually a good sport, since most of “my” projects require his assistance. 

And then came Pinterest.  And I’m pretty sure Chris wanted to ban the site since my “surely, we can make that!” became an all-too-frequent part of my dialogue. 

I became determined to create a mudroom in our house.  Short of adding-on, there was only one option….lose the dining room and turn it into a mud room/all-purpose room.  It took a few months to sell Chris on the idea of converting our dining room. But pointing out that we had used the room only twice since moving 3 years ago helped the cause.

Once on board, we settled on what we wanted to create.  Hit up the hardware store for supplies.  And then I disappeared, haha.  Chris handled the rest of the project.  With occasional help from me. 

I’m not sure he even thought it would turn out as great as it did but I had no doubt!!  It IS absolutely perfect. 
2015-03 mud room

I want to do a few more things in the room to get rid of the dining room look (ie the chandelier).  I want to use this room for kid projects, and homework, and laundry. 

But my favorite part is having a space to corral all the kids shoes AND socks!  And coats, and hoodies and raincoats. ALL.THE.STUFF!

 2015-03 mud room (10)

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