Saturday, February 28, 2015

snow day (part 2)

I feel like we were out playing as the sun rose Thursday.  But I think it was just overcast.

The kids favorite part of the day was that Chris didn’t have to to go work Thursday.  It was a snow day for him too!

2015-02-26 ph (13) SONY DSC

Mimi and Poppy soon joined in on the fun.  The kids love having them to along to sled and play on snow days!!!

2015-02-26 ph (6)

And Mimi is an expert snowman builder!  The biggest snowman we’ve ever had!!! (But he melted before Thursday evening!)


After we finished playing at home.  We headed over to Jake & Reid’s house (can we say we LOVE having our cousins in the neighborhood!!!!)

We did some tubing with them.  Played with their neighbors (aka Will’s friends from school) and got worn out on the walk home.

snow day6

Now we are praying the kids can have a full week at school starting Monday.  Momma needs a few days to catch her breath, and attempt some laundry!

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