Friday, February 27, 2015

snow day 2 (part1)

In the last 2 weeks the little kids have not had school.  And Will has only had 1.5 days!  All due to the threat of snow/ice.  Of course it snowed a bit last Friday night, but it was gone quickly.  It happened again Wednesday night, and was quickly gone (from the streets) Thursday.  We did end up with about 6 inches Wed night!

This wasn’t exactly sledding snow, but it was snowman/snowball snow.  Wed night we spent almost 2 hours having a snowball fight.  The kids thought it was great fun!

Thursday we used our hill to sled over and over again.  And this year, Wyatt LOVED it.  Last year, not so much.


PicMonkey Collage snow day2 snow day1

snow day3

snow day4

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