Wednesday, January 07, 2015

thursday’s coming!

Christmas break is finally OVER.  I won’t deny it, school vacations do me in.  The lack of schedule, cold days, stress of holidays…it’s a bad mix here.  Today was our last day of craziness (until the next school holiday or snow day, whichever comes first.  edited to add: school was just put on a 2 hour delay tomorrow due to cold weather!!!)

Our last day was spent getting happy meals.  And using up Christmas gift cards.

First, all 3 dressed themselves. Separately.  And all 3 matched.  A rare, but impressive, Christmas miracle right there!


The gift cards created lots of drama.  It took at least an hour for all three to choose just the right toy.  And MANY swaps before even leaving the store.  And it included an actual return because one of these minions changed their minds and experienced true buyers remorse.

Ella chose another new lego set.  She loves all the Lego Friends sets. When I first heard about Legos for girls, I rolled my eyes.  Pink and purple legos were just going to cause stress around here in our community lego bucket.  But now that we have multiple sets, I gotta say her sets are way cooler than the ones the boys end up with.  Hers have tons of little details that the boy ones don’t have. (And before you think she is a girl-wonder, she did not build all of this by herself.)


And after our toy choices were made (well, the initial choices that is…) we grabbed groceries.  Cheese is a staple.  And Wyatt grabbed the cheese bag and said “Thanks for buying my favorite cheese. I love it because it has a grown up baby Jesus holding hay on it.”.  Will quickly interjected “indian” while Ella said “ninja”. 

In other funny, but unrelated, Wyatt news.  He was eating a sucker the other day and offered “suckers are like vegetables.  They are so good for you.”

Things are never dull around here.

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