Thursday, January 22, 2015

the noisiest of them all

I never understood that “boy” definition….until Wyatt came along.  He is the loudest of the trio.  Not necessarily screeches or cries (though plenty of that).  But sound effects.  CONSTANT sound effects. 
I can hear him a room away making car sounds.  Or pirate sounds.  Or train sounds.  And now add to the list, Star Wars sounds. Funny thing, he’s pretty accurate.  Even funnier, I can tell what movie/show he has most recently watched based on his sound effects.  He totally goes in full character after watching a show.  Hence the reason we’ve had to ban Super Hero Squad in our house….he beats everyone up after watching.
Wyatt even talks shows/movies in his sleep.  Last night I was laying with him in the middle of the night (he’s currently sick) and he was rambling on about R2D2 and C3P0 and various other people I had no clue about.
This kids imagination NEVER turns off. 

star wars Wy from Gusturtle on Vimeo.

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