Monday, January 12, 2015

leaves, finally.

Finally posting about fall.

Finally the leaves fell so we could play in the leaves.

Every.Single.Time. the littles saw a leaf fall they asked if we had enough to jump in.  Some days there were tears and screams when I replied “No, not enough yet.”.  For four long weeks they asked.  Then there were finally enough leaves but it rained for days on end. 

Chris begged to mow/mulch them up.  But I knew that NOT having a leaf pile was not an option.  He mowed other parts of the yard but left the back corner filled with leaves. 

Finally the weather cooperated and we raked them up and jumped.  And jumped and jumped.  And cried because things didn’t go quite as planned.  And jumped some more.  Then each kid got their own pile to jump in because we became territorial.  And we played some more. 

And then a few days later Chris made all the leaves disappear.  And just like that fall was over.

2014-11 leaves  2014-11 leaves2

2014-11 leaves3

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