Saturday, January 17, 2015

a fun first {Wyatt & Jake}

Wyatt FINALLY had his very first sleepover with Jake.  He’s been begging for this for months and months.  And we told him once Jake moved down the street then we’d let him spend the night.  Daily after they moved in Wyatt asked how many more days till his sleepover.  And on Jan 2 it finally happened!  And he couldn’t have been more excited.  He wore his backpack around all day just waiting for Renee to pick him up.  And finally she pulled in the driveway and he was out the door without so much as a goodbye.

The boys had a fun night of cars, movies and football.  And giggling all night until they finally fell asleep.  What a sweet, fun first for the boys.

2015-01-02 sleepover

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