Saturday, December 27, 2014

cmas day

Christmas morning FINALLY arrived.  The kids got up at 6:45 (I’m impressed).  The kids were ready to come downstairs and see if Santa had really stopped by.  On the way downstairs the kids spied Flynn Flyer.  Ella was terribly upset at the thought of Flynn leaving so she wrote him a note begging him to stay.  He left the kids a note and Will read the note as they walked down the hall.  Flynn, on direct orders from management, was asked to stay at our house for a few more days.  Ella was beaming. 

On to the den the kids spotted what Santa had left for them.  A Millennium Falcon and car road map for Wyatt.  A new big girl scooter for Ella.  Along with a Doc McStuffins mobile clinic.  And Will got a Snowalker and some Hexbugs.  They played with their Santa gifts for a long time before moving on to unwrapping presents.

The kids had more gifts that they loved… From Wyatt’s football helmet and “costume”.  To Ella’s new doll that looks like her.  And Will’s pile of books and light up snake. They had a fun and magical morning. 

And we all had a very quiet afternoon…these three were so busy playing we never heard a word out of them till 4:00!

It was a very Merry Christmas!

2014-12-25 cmas1 2014-12-25 cmas

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