Monday, November 24, 2014

Wilson {first lost tooth}

About 4 weeks ago Will informed me that he had a loose tooth.  I checked and it was a tad bit wiggly.  As you can imagine, he keep me updated on the tooth situation as the weeks went on.  About 2 weeks in I told him it was loose enough to pull.  But he was adamant that was not how it was suppose to come out. We went to the beach, I was so worried he’d loose it out there in the sand.  But nope, he hung on to it.  I fed him apples and other tough foods.  Nothing knocked that sucker out!  I even threatened to go in while he was sleeping and pull it.  It was hanging on by a thread.  Then Wednesday morning he was brushing his teeth before school and excitedly screamed.  He had brushed the tooth right out of there! No tears.  No blood.  Just excitement. That night he put his tooth in his tooth fairy pillow and excitedly waited.  The next morning he was rewarded with 3 gold dollars and a tooth fairy receipt!  He declared it “sooo cool”.  I’m sure this is the first of many tooth fairy visits in our house!
2014-11-19 first tooth (WM)

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