Sunday, November 23, 2014

beach days, part 3

Our last day was gray and cold.  We bundled up and walked around for the morning. And the kids wanted a turn with the camera.  This is a pic Will took.

2014-11-08 am (10)

And here’s Ella’s version.

 2014-11-08 am (16)

We decided it was time for another first…miniature golf!
2014-11-08 am (27) 2014-11-08 am (31) 2014-11-08 am (30)

Everyone had a great time.  We gave up keeping score by hole #2.  But each kid ended up with a hole in one at some point.  And they thought it was SOOOO fun.  Wyatt, especially, loved it.  He wanted to recreate golf when we went back to the beach later.  

2014-11-08 am (37) 2014-11-08 am (39)

We had a great trip, despite all of us being sick.  We even went out to dinner two times!!!  Which is HUGE.  I’m so proud of how everyone (mostly) behaved.  Little victories.


Ella is already asking when we can go back to the beach.  And poor Will asked if we could go to the beach in the summer “like everyone else”.  Maybe one day….for now I enjoy our fall trips.

2014-11-08 pm (66)

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