Thursday, October 16, 2014

zoo break!

We had a week of fall break.  We stayed at home all week, having playdates and picnics.  But on Friday we took the kids on their one (long ago) request….a zoo with lots of big animals.  We headed down to the Birmingham zoo.  We had hoped to see Yaya’s family but fever struck and we decided to keep our distance. 

We got to the zoo just in time to watch the sea lion splash show.  They kids were SO amazed by the sea lions that we went back to visit them a few times. 2014-10 zooWM

The animals on the kids “must-see” list were zebras, giraffes, big cats, raptures and reptiles, of course.  The kids were in luck that we saw all of those, and a few more!
Wyatt was anxious to see the giraffes.  And they did not disappoint! We missed the chance to feed them, maybe next time. And we loved watching the elephants throw mud all over themselves.
2014-10-10 zoo2WM

These two sister bear cubs surprised us. They were rescued from out west  and are new to the zoo. They played and chased, and hid and climbed the trees! We watched for the longest time.  The kids giggled and laughed at them for a long time.  And then they both climbed up the tree and we waited forever to see how they would get down but they never did.  We still don’t know how they got down! Everyone declared the bears the greatest surprise of the day.
2014-10-10 zoo3WM

As we were heading to see the Sea Lions one last time we passed by a zookeeper feeding the pelicans.  She asked the kids if they wanted to help.  Naturally they were all in and started tossing dead, cold fish out to the birds.  They all thought it was gross, but fun! We were all surprised to see how wide the pelicans opened their mouths!

2014-10-10 zoo4WM

One last fun thing before we left, a train ride around the zoo.  We were able to see a few of the animals one more time this way.  And, more importantly, Wyatt experienced his first ever train ride!  He thought it was so cool.  And it make it even better....the drivers name was Thomas.  It was the perfect end to the day for Wyatt!

2014-10-10 zoo5WM

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