Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Wilson at 6.5

6.5.  How is that possible?! I was good with 6, that’s still little boy enough.  But 7 seems so big boyish.  So 6.5 is depressing me a bit.


So here is what 6.5 looks like on my Wilson:

LOVES Skylanders.  We have the game on the ipad but he doesn’t really care about playing it as much as he does about collecting the figures and memorizing the facts in his three “field guides”. I’m not really sure I understand that logic, but we just go along with the obsession. 

Super Heroes.  Any and all super heroes and bad guys.  Marvel, DC Comics, Ninjago, Star Wars.  As long as we are talking good vs evil he is all IN.  Following the Skylanders obsession, he is also into memorizing their facts from the field guides.

Field Guides.  I probably shoulda started with that, huh?  Wilson LOVES all types of guides, fact books, collections or flash cards.  The largest source of field guides are animal related.  Not surprising really.  His current favorite book is “A Walk in the Woods: Into the Field Guide”.  There are others in that series that I’m sure we will be acquiring soon!

Art.  Will could spend hours coloring, drawing, making books.  He calls it making “creations”.  He even loves for us to all color together.  At the same time!  Let me tell you how easy that is, haha.  Three separate hands, one page.


Happy half birthday Will!  I can’t wait to see what the rest of 6 looks like!!!

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