Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pumpkin carving time!

It was time again for pumpkins.  We found a deal on pumpkins at Aldi’s so at a $1.99 each we splurged for five pumpkins this year! And the kids each had grand plans for theirs.  And we tried our best to help them out with their plans.
Wyatt requested a Minion.  But he first wanted to paint his.  Then he let Chris get to work.  And was happy to help him clean a few seeds out before he got grossed out.  Chris made two minions just to be safe.

Eww, gross!”
2014-10-21 pumpkins (30)

Ella didn’t have many ideas. So we just cut it open and let her clean the guts out.  She LOVES that part.  She was so giddy! After we cleaned it out I gently nudged her to polka dots (she does love polka dots).  And we added an E at the last minute.  Gotta say, I love using the drill on pumpkins.  SO quick and easy!

Seriously, this face says it all.
Will insisted that he paint his, just like last year. (he does NOT like cleaning the guts) His was suppose to be a dragon.  But later complained that he didn’t have enough green paint.  And he didn’t have the right paper for the wings.  Surprisingly, he didn’t seem to mind and let it go.  (And yes, his has a W on it…I put some tape on his before he started painting.)
As soon as it was dark we headed out to see what they looked like.  And we were all very pleased with our creations.  Will wanted to test the candle light and insisted on reading us an entire book by pumpkin light.  Isn’t that how all pumpkin carving events end? With a book reading?  Only a few more days….
2014-10 pumpkinsWM

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