Wednesday, October 01, 2014

not just a box…

One afternoon Will said he wanted a giant box to turn into a space ship.  And began daydreaming about what all he could do with that space ship.  I told him he needed to ask Poppy for a box. At that point, I introduced him to texting.  [hoping I didn’t open a can of worms with that…] He told Poppy exactly what he needed.

And wouldn’t you know, we came home from school the next day to a giant box in our driveway.  How’s that for service!



The trio quickly got to work on the space ship.  Of course, Wilson was being bossy in charge and quickly gave out assignments. 


After he perfected the inside of the ship, he allowed Wyatt and Ella to come in and take a look around.


This box kept them busy for a week!  (thank goodness it didn’t rain!)  Every day they visited the box.  The blasted off.  They set sail.  They colored.  Sometimes they just stood guard, while reading a book <ahem>.  IMG_4152

What a fun way to spend a week!  Thanks Poppy, you have set the bar pretty high for yourself now +

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