Monday, September 08, 2014

soccer season

It is soccer season again, and we are changing things up a bit.  Mister Wilson is not playing this year, despite his love of “laser eye and water balls”. He was not happy at first, but seems content with his decision for now

What’s also new is that we’re not playing in a traditional league…more like weekly soccer camp.  Which, I think, is brilliant!

But these two had their first Saturday on the field.   It was Wyatt’s first and last Saturday this season.  You will soon see why….

But aren’t these two players adorable?!

2014-09-06 soccer (01)

Ella has been counting down the months until she could play.

2014-09-06 soccer (10)
2014-09-06 soccer (20)

Wyatt swore he wanted to play.  Begged to play.  Talked about it for weeks.  I even heard him and Ella strategizing, and planning, on how soccer was going to work.  And then they got there.  And it was all downhill. And neither of us is really surprised.

2014-09-06 soccer (12)

Ella didn’t give a second thought at Wyatt’s lack of enthusiasm, she was in the zone (from what I heard…like any good soccer mom, I was out of town on the first day).2014-09-06 soccer (36)

Word on the street was Ella was competitive, and occasionally throwing some elbows.  She might have found her thing!  I can’t wait to see for myself next week.

*And it was Ella’s idea to wear a “soccer skirt” the first week.

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