Thursday, September 04, 2014

sick days are here again

Two weeks into school and the germs have already hit.  Will was out one day with a fever and cough and the following week it hit Wyatt.

Wyatt’s started out innocently, and then it took a nose dive. 3-4 days of a low temp and runny nose/cough turned into a 106 temp and a very sluggish Wyatt.  Thankfully we already had an appointment scheduled when he spiked to 106.  I wasn’t too worried (though apparently that wasn’t a normal reaction on my part).  Other than being sluggish, Wyatt was still Wyatt and full of personality.  And the temp came down a bit once the motrin got in his system.


The doctor suspected he was developing pneumonia and went ahead and gave him a strong antibiotic shot, hopefully keeping us out of the hospital.  The shot was torture!!! It took 3 nurses to hold him down and give the shots.  (See, he was still feisty.) 

Less than 24 hours later his temp was at 101 or lower.  And back to his normal self.

Though he walked bow legged for 2 days due to the shots (he might be a bit dramatic….).  And he sported this band-aid + cotton ball from the finger stick to check his blood count….for 2 days.


So our back to school fun has started with a bang.  Hopefully we got this out of the way early and will sail smoothly into fall! 

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