Friday, August 22, 2014

Wyatt’s first (kind of) sleepover

Wyatt hasn’t slept anywhere but home (and the lake) since we went to China.  Apparently those 19 days away from home/us was more than he could handle.  Plus, he is a homebody in every sense of the word.  And sleeping away from home, without us, is not an option for him. 

Wyatt has been asking Mimi for a sleepover all summer.  But what he really meant was that he wanted to hang out with just them, around dinner time, and then come home. 

And one day he got the nerve to actually agree to sleeping there. So we set a date.  And Poppy showed up in a corvette to drive him to his sleepover (yes, we break the child safety rules…..but we live less than 10 houses away).  I’m not sure if it was the fact that he arrived in style, or timing, but his first sleepover was a success!  So much so he’s already had a second! 

So glad he has finally gotten brave enough to join in the Mimi & Poppy sleepover fun.


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