Monday, August 11, 2014

the shoe game

We bought school supplies weeks ago.  But somehow I missed the fact that Will had outgrown his school shoes.  Naturally, I didn’t realize this until the DAY before! So the night before school we spent 2 hours going to 5 stores to find the perfect pair of shoes.  This was a first for us since I normally stay ahead of the game and buy online.

Here we are pre-shopping, happy faces enjoying dinner!


Problem #1:  Mister still needs velcro.  (I fell behind on my shoe tying lessons this summer!) Problem #2: Velcro is few and far between.  Four stores later we were out of options in his size.  Will’s bestie’s mom said Jackson uses these no-tie laces.  Will agreed “since Jackson does”.  Back to store #1 and we tried every shoe on in his size, with laces, and he decided which one was the least offensive (oh, the joys of sensory issues). I suspect these are a size too big, but he said these were the only ones that felt good to him.  And at that point I did not care.  I’m still trying to digest how much I paid for these suckers.  But at that point I probably woulda paid alot more to just be done!

2014-08-06 (1)

They are pretty spiffy.  And according to Will “they made me run so fast no could catch me during tag!”.  Sounds like a winner to me!


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