Monday, August 25, 2014

Oh, Sophie

Ella has a baby doll.  Her name is Sophie, thanks to her current Sofia the First phase. 

It’s a BIG deal that Ella has a doll.  HUGE. 
She completely rejected the doll we brought to China, and has continued to do so ever since that day.

I say this is a big deal, not because I want her to like dolls.  Not because I think she needs to like them, or that it’s a normal girly thing to do.  It’s a big deal because her nannies shared with us that she loved her doll in China.  We’ve always wondered what changed (I mean besides the obvious…getting a family and leaving China).

2014-07-16 (5)

Some time during that first year home she started sharing her memories of China.  We were wondering together about what toys she might have played with in China.  She shared a few things.  One being a doll. And that it had been taken from her.  Now, she was only 3, so I don’t know how much is factual, but it’s all we have and we are considering it truth.

Fast forward to this summer…..2 years later.  We spent the summer going through trauma therapy with a wonderful counselor.  I am thrilled to say we have had amazing progress and healing!  And one night, out of the blue, Ella asked with silent tears streaming down her face “can we go buy a doll like I had in China?”.  Of course I said yes, we would go first thing in the morning.  (only after warning her it might not be the exact same doll she once had). I was curious if she would remember the next morning, and of course she did.  We ran to Target first thing since that was all that was open.  And she went up and down the doll aisle over and over looking for “the one”.  (We have been down the doll aisle many times before and she has never given it a second glance…)
She saw this one and stopped in her tracks and declared her the one.

We paid and ran to the car to unwrap her.  She took such good care of her and loved on her.  She did declare her “a bit too noisy”.  And that she had “some really stinky diapers”.  And that was that.  She plays with her on and off, but is no longer offended by dolls. 

So yes, it’s a little thing.  A little material thing.  But it speaks volumes to me!

*she later told me that her doll in China sat on her own and this one doesn’t.  But that she still likes her Sophie.

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