Wednesday, August 06, 2014

celebrating the 5th!

The day rapidly approached! Monday we spent the day baking Ella’s birthday cake and making icing.  She enjoyed every second of the work.  Her special request was a strawberry cake with pink and blue flowers on top. And they must have green stems, with leaves.  “I can show you how to make those if you don’t know” said the birthday girl. 
2014-08-05 pm bday (49)

Tuesday morning Ella woke up to find the kitchen had been transformed into a Sofia the First celebration.
2014-08-05 pm bday (26)


To start the day we had a #5 breakfast of cinnamon rolls. 
2014-08-05 pm bday (52)

To make the day even sweeter cousin Meryl joined us for the day.  Ella was SO excited to spend the day with her. (So was Will…) This might have been her favorite “gift”.

Part of our celebration included making cupcakes.  The kids could hardly wait to eat lunch and then get to the best part….decorating the cupcakes!

2014-08-05 pm bday (14)

I’ve never seen so many sprinkles used in my life!  Will later told me that it was the most fun thing ever because “you would never make, and let us eat, real cupcakes like that.” 


Once Chris came home, we started the last part of the party.  Pizza with Mimi and Poppy.  And cakes.  AND presents!

2014-08-05 pm bday (28)

Ella was showing off her new Snow White dress (she has a sudden love for Snow White!)

2014-08-05 pm bday (31)

birthdays can be hard on the siblings <ahem>  but nothing could spoil Ella’s most favorite day!


Costume change….cupcake.  Ella’s working on her Halloween costumes a bit early this year.

2014-08-05 pm bday (38)

Ella enjoyed every single second of her birthday.  SHE loves everything about it.  And we couldn’t be happier.

Well, Ella might be happier…she got new Sofia the First pjs!
2014-08-05 pm bday (59)

Our sweet girl enjoyed her special day and is already asking how much longer till her next birthday!

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