Thursday, August 28, 2014

art 101

Ella is VERY into art these days.  Coloring is a regular activity.  But Ella hasn’t really embraced her creative/imaginative side until now.

I drew a ladybug and told her to do the same thing.  She was so unsure about how to proceed but she thought and thought and then made one!  And that was all the confidence she needed to branch….up next were ducks and birds and flowers.  She decided to draw Sophia and Happy Duck herself. 


Mimi and Ella always have art time at Mimi’s house.  They worked on still-life art recently. 

Fresh from the garden, the cucumber:

2014-07-29 (32)

And cosmos.
2014-07-29 (33)

I hope Santa brings us more markers, crayons and pencils this year!

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