Monday, August 18, 2014

another weekend in the books

Another fun lake weekend behind us.

Lots of our regular fun….jet ski rides, boat rides, swimming and jumping.

This just cracks me up. Will’s hair never does this, it’s hysterical!  

2014-08-09 (67)

Wyatt decided he’s quite the fan of a jet ski ride!  It only took all summer for him to warm up to the idea!
2014-08-09 (82)

We also had a special guest, cousin Jake (and family).  

2014-08-09 (100)

Along with them, they brought a new kind of fun…Paddle Boards.  It took a bit to get use to them but they were easy once you got started.  The kids thought they were great.
2014-08-09 (195)

2014-08-09 (212)

Fishing, of course.  Tons of fish were caught.  And ALL the kids caught their very own fish.  (I think the fish were starving this weekend.)  Wyatt kept asking to pet the fish, or to kiss them.  But would always chicken out at the kissing part, haha.

2014-08-09 (111)crop

These two sweet cousins have so much fun together.  I hope they have lifelong friendship.

2014-08-09 (131)

2014-08-09 (135)crop

And I just love this picture of Wyatt, his crossed little feet.  I feel like those ankles have been crossed since birth.  
2014-08-09 (137)

And, as usual, lots of jumping done this weekend.  

 2014-08-09 (286)crop  2014-08-09 (316) 2014-08-09 (317)

I can’t believe summer is winding down already!

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