Friday, July 18, 2014

Wyatt’s faves at age 4


what’s your favorite color?
what’s your favorite book? If I Built a Car, Big Franks Fire Truck, Little Blue Truck
what’s your favorite movie? - The Pirate Fairy
what’s your favorite show? - Rescue Bots (Transformers)
what’s your favorite animal? - frog, turtles, crocodiles
what’s your favorite song? - Everything is Awesome (lego movie)
what do you love to drink? - water and orange juice
what’s your favorite food? raisin bread, cheese, grapes, cereal
what’s your nickname? - Wyatt.  Samuel sometimes. 
what does daddy do that makes you laugh? - funny faces
what does mommy do that makes you laugh? - stretch Wyatt is the one who gets me out of bed in the a.m.
favorite place to go?- to see Thomas (once a year) or the jumpy place (which is odd b/c he does not really like the jumpy place)
favorite vehicle? fire truck or ambulance
favorite holiday? christmas eve!
favorite thing to say: “oh my word”, “awesome radical”, “yummy delicious” “sir”

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