Sunday, July 20, 2014

the 4th, part 2

the rest of the july 4 weekend looked alot like this….
2014-07-03 04 (21)
the fireworks the night before wore our three out!

Even Riley was worn out.
2014-07-03 04 (33)
But it was a beautiful weekend.  And kinda cool for July. 
2014-07-03 04 (23)

2014-07-04 (2)

2014-07-03 04 (39) 2014-07-03 04 (40) 2014-07-03 04 (41)

Day 2 looked alot like the same….this time with all three falling asleep.  And let it be noted…Wyatt, who never naps.  EVER. Fell asleep two days in a row!

2014-07-03 04 (43)

A little fun was had, in between all that sleeping!

 2014-07-05 (29)

Another Wyatt rarity, he asked for several jet ski rides.  He’s slowly warming up to having fun.
2014-07-05 (41)

There was alot of “warming up” this weekend.  It was a bit chilly.  It almost felt like spring (or I guess fall).
2014-07-05 (57) 

And Ella caught her first fish, unassisted.  She was just as surprised as the rest of us.  I just happen to snap a pic as she realized what was on her hook.


Here’s hoping we have a few more warmer weekends ahead of us.
*can you tell I barely used my camera this weekend….

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