Wednesday, July 02, 2014

summer fun {sidewalk paint}

We have lots of long, lazy, HOT, days to fill.  One day we tried sidewalk chalk “paint”.  The google gave me the recipe  I think it was just cornstarch and water.  And food coloring, of course.  And these three were VERY specific about which colors they wanted.  (notice Wyatt’s brown….)

2014-06 paint 3 2014-06 paint 22014-06 paint

We started with a giant, and blank, canvas. And quickly got to work.
2014-06 paint 4


2014-06 paint 5

Wyatt was painting a volcano, a lake, a road and some trees. (the same things he always paints)

2014-06 paint 6

Paint was spilled.  Dreams were dashed and these two were a tad bit disappointed with the outcome. 
2014-06 paint 7

They tried to make the best of it and painted a rainbow stream.  And it was looking very pretty and colorful.  But then a sudden rain shower appeared and washed all their art away.  Oops!  Next time I will watch the weather radar a little better. 

2014-06 paint 8

Hopefully we will get another chance to try this again….with better results.

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