Thursday, July 24, 2014

library time

These three have about out grown story time at the library.  Will says it’s for babies.  Wyatt is bored.  And Ella loves it but gets distracted by her brothers lack of interest. 

We have checked out a TON Of books this summer.  Will, thankfully, can pick out his own books now.  But it still takes me about 30-40 minutes to find books for Wyatt and Ella.  Though I think Wyatt has now read every single book there about trains, firetrucks and cars. And Ella has examined every book containing an image of a duck.

This week we went to see the “Animal Guy” who came by for a special visit.  We went last year too and Will was SO excited to see him again.  [Wyatt opted to stay with cousin Jake…]

Last year Will was too timid to raise his hand and answer questions.  Not this time!  His hand shot up every time a question was asked.  He was called on three times! 

This pic is fuzzy, but he was SO excited to be called on.
IMG_2357 IMG_2362

This Eurasian Eagle Owl was HUGE, and beautiful.  But can you believe that he only weighs 5lbs!

We also got to see 3 snakes, a croc and a fox.  Will declared this the “most awesome day ever”. 


And wrap up our library fun, we finally turned in our summer reading cards.  The kids excitedly picked out their prizes.  Will chose a shark book (that’s his shark face). Wyatt chose a volcano book (he’s obsessed with them, and fire).  And Ella chose a gardening book.  They were all pretty excited!


We’re going to miss the library when school starts back.

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