Thursday, July 10, 2014

it really happened….Wyatt turned 4

2014-07-06 party (3)
We started the day with birthday pancakes. and one gift, Transformers’ Boulder. 

2014-07-07 am (4) 2014-07-07 am (6)

And then  later our party with Mimi and Poppy for dinner and cake.  2014-07-07 gifts (14) 2014-07-07 gifts (16)

Wyatt was SO excited about all of his gifts, saying “oh yeah!” as he opened up each one.

So excited about a loaf of homemade raisin bread that he kissed it.
2014-07-07 gifts (4)

2014-07-07 gifts (6)

2014-07-07 gifts (7)2014-07-07 gifts (18) 

 And fireman gear.  He can now put out any blaze!

2014-07-07 gifts (24) SONY DSC                       2014-07-07 gifts (40) 

The night was filled with Transformers,Thomas and Firemen. And that’s all he cared about.  All his birthday wishes came true!  Happy #4 Super Wy!

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