Monday, July 28, 2014

everything was awesome!

We finally found a movie all 3 kids liked…..the Lego movie!  It also helps that all 3 are very into legos these days.  So when planning a party for Wyatt and Ella it was an easy choice.  One day, when they are older, I would love to have a lego building type party, but for now the movie was a good start.

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We rented out a church’s indoor play space and ran, slid and climbed all morning.  These two had been counting down for weeks for their “lego birthday”.  It finally arrived! 2014-07-26 party (4) 

The kids helped make chocolate legos and lego men for the cupcakes.  And we had BOTH chocolate and white cupcakes because Ella mostly likes white, Wyatt ONLY likes chocolate.   One of the downsides to a shared party.

2014-07-26 party phone (4)

The kids were most excited about having a party with their friends.  They each had a few friends that were just their friends, not anyone else’s.  And that is a big deal these days. 

Of course, they loved opening gifts.  

2014-07-26 party phone (42)

2014-07-26 party (84)

And then it was back to running and playing again.
2014-07-26 party (26) 2014-07-26 party (104)

As usual, Wyatt blew out his candle early.  He just couldn’t wait another second.  Ella was a bit embarrassed with all of the singing, but I know she secretly loved it.
2014-07-26 party (71)

It was an awesome party, and we had such a fun time with our friends!

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