Thursday, July 17, 2014

bombs bursting in air, part 1

We attempted the symphony + fireworks this year.  We don’t get to go every year due to conflicts with the fireworks at the lake.  But this year it worked out.  Last time we went, it was Ella’s first July 4th.  And Wyatt stayed home. This year we ventured out with all three, and hoped for the best.

We started the night out with a rare-outing…taking all 3 out to eat dinner!  It went as expected….complaints and one not eating :)  But we did it!

We headed up to the family compound spot Chris’s parents had saved for us earlier in the day.  Set up our stuff and headed out to the park to explore, and burn off some energy.

2014-07-03 04 (29)

2014-07-03 04 (1)

2014-07-03 (2)

2014-07-03 (17)

We had alot of time to kill before the concert started.  Ella logged of cousin time with Meryl.  I think they were both thrilled!

 2014-07-03 04 (7)

One of the symphony songs was Frozen.  Ella hasn’t been one to hide her feelings about that movie.  She was thrilled once the sing-along ended.
2014-07-03 04 (11)

Finally, all that Frozen singing paid off and the fireworks started.  We were a bit nervous because earlier in the day all three kids shared that they did not like fireworks, and that they were too loud. We weren’t sure what to expect tonight.


Thankfully, all three enjoyed it!  And no one was scared or bothered by the loud noise.

2014-07-03 04 (12)


The fireworks ended.  We cleaned up our stuff and headed to the car.  I buckled Ella in and shut the door.  She was out by the time I turned around to check on her.  The boys stayed awake but not for long.  All three slept good and were ready to face another round of fireworks the next night.

2014-07-03 04 (16)

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