Tuesday, July 15, 2014

birthday across the pond? sure!

A birthday playdate….on a double-decker bus? SURE!

Renee and I snagged groupons for a double decker bus ride.  We had hoped to do it on Wyatt’s birthday but they didn’t have any tours.  So a few days later we took our very special bus ride. 

Wyatt was SO excited to go “down-the-town” and find the “bubble becker bus”. 

2014-07-10 bus (8)

The kids were excited to board this very red, very big bus!

2014-07-10 bus (10)

Will just going along for the ride.  He likes to let everyone know his true feelings.  He rolled his eyes and more or less said this was for babies…..you know, until he realized his head was up in the trees.  Then, every five minutes, we heard “look Squirrel!”.

2014-07-10 bus (23)

Will discovered going across four bridges was pretty cool too.  Maybe not as cool as Jake thought it was. 

2014-07-10 bus (28)


Wyatt thought it was pretty cool too!

2014-07-10 bus (35)

Us parents tried to act like it was cool too.  Though we were all secretly wondering what we were thinking taking 5 kids, without any type of seat restraints, onto an open-air bus that went on the highway!  

Daddy surprised the kids by joining us on the adventure.
2014-07-10 bus (44)

I think it’s safe to say it was an excellent birthday adventure!
2014-07-10 bus (56)

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