Monday, July 28, 2014

another awesome day

Today was a “vacation” day.  School starts back soon and we needed to squeeze in some more fun. So we decided to head to Atlanta to visit Legoland. 

We started our day with a rare event, dining out, ala Steak n Shake. All three found something to eat AND were happy about it!  Another rare feat!

Then we were off to see how Legos were made, build racecars (and test them out), watched our first 4D movie.  Wyatt LOVED the movie! Ella didn’t like that we got wet.  We also rode a few rides (Wyatt was not a fan).  We played and explored and everyone said it was an awesome day!  And everyone left with a little lego man.  Not bad for a staycation type day.

*Yes, we are really wearing out the lego awesome-phrase. 

2014-07-28 legoWM

2014-07-28 lego (81)

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