Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer fun (so far)

We are entering our third week of summer and are trying to keep the fighting to a minimum stay busy.  We have had play dates, zoo trips, library books and visits to the jumpy place.  So far we are still having fun! Praying we can keep up the momentum and excitement.

2014-06 summer

  1. Movie suprise!
  2. Ella’s first tomatoes from Poppy’s garden! Ella has been impatiently waiting.
  3. Tin foil stream/Silver stream.  Still a hit! (last years version)
  4. Wyatt has recently decided to dress himself.  And doesn’t mind if they are backward.
  5. Night swimming with Daddy!
  6. Swim lessons for Wyatt and Ella. 
  7. A summer birthday party fun.  Watermelon is Ella’s favorite.
  8. A summer birthday party fun.  Popcorn is Wyatt’s favorite.
  9. A summer birthday party fun.  Silly string is Will’s favorite.

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