Monday, June 30, 2014

spot of tea?

Mimi took Ella, and Duck, to a tea house for lunch.  Ella and Mimi share a love of chicken salad and pimento cheese so Ella was the perfect tea partner.  Ella reported the restaurant was “no boys allowed! Just us girls!”.  She loved it all: her sandwiches, and her pink lemonade in a tea cup AND a big round cup (goblet) and her fruit cup AND her cookie!

Ella can’t wait to go back to the “Girls club”.

2014-06-26 tea timeWM

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

tube fun

These two eagerly wanted to go tubing this weekend.  ALONE.  We stopped several times to see if they were okay, or if they were done.  NOPE was the answer every time.  They even held hands a few times. They had a blast.  And then they got tired and it was done.  But they probably lasted 30 minutes.  One day Wyatt will join them, I hope.
2014-06-15 tube

wordless wednesday {you win some, you lose some}


2014-06-15 Fday wknd (94)

wordless wednesday {fast forward 10 years}

In 10 years, all 3 could be piled in a car with Mister Wilson driving <gasp!>


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Land and Sea battle

Sunday it was a land vs sea battle.  Will, Ella and Mimi vs Wyatt.  Don’t feel too sorry for Wyatt, he had back up from Poppy and Daddy.  They filled his water cannons for him.  And gave him bunker to hide out in.  My fave pic is the one of Wyatt on the bottom right….his bunker collapsed so he went into turtle shell mode.  

It’s unclear who won the battle, but I suspect the battle will rage on all summer long.


Monday, June 16, 2014

dad’s day

These are the only two dad pics I took all weekend.  We were so busy having fun I forgot.

We had a wonderfully perfect weekend playing at the lake all weekend.  Everyone was (mostly) content and happy.  The best father’s day gift ever!

2014-06-15 Fday wknd (31)

2014-06-15 Fday wknd (64)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer fun (so far)

We are entering our third week of summer and are trying to keep the fighting to a minimum stay busy.  We have had play dates, zoo trips, library books and visits to the jumpy place.  So far we are still having fun! Praying we can keep up the momentum and excitement.

2014-06 summer

  1. Movie suprise!
  2. Ella’s first tomatoes from Poppy’s garden! Ella has been impatiently waiting.
  3. Tin foil stream/Silver stream.  Still a hit! (last years version)
  4. Wyatt has recently decided to dress himself.  And doesn’t mind if they are backward.
  5. Night swimming with Daddy!
  6. Swim lessons for Wyatt and Ella. 
  7. A summer birthday party fun.  Watermelon is Ella’s favorite.
  8. A summer birthday party fun.  Popcorn is Wyatt’s favorite.
  9. A summer birthday party fun.  Silly string is Will’s favorite.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Ella birth stats

I’m finished* with our China blog book!!!!  It has taken over a year to work on. And I’m so excited to finally move on and be able to attempt the rest of my scrapbooks that are severely neglected!  Namely, the boys baby books.

At the same time I was working on our blog book, I worked a bit on Ella’s lifebook (her story from before we met).  And I was surprised by some of the facts I found that I didn’t have documented anywhere else.  Important “baby facts” that we normally celebrate that didn’t get celebrated on the blog yet.

ChunWei means wild spring rose.

Her nannies reported she was 6lbs, 4 oz and 18 inches long as a newborn.

Ella laughed at 3 months old.  And had delicate, fair skin, thick hair, black eyes, long eyelash, shadow dimples and has a ready smile. She is compliant, healthy, active and restless. She is very adorable.

*finished but it’s not yet printed. And I’m going to be tempted to tweak a few things.

Ella stat pageWM

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

*mostly Wordless Wednesday {feed the birds!}

We have several new bird feeders.  My kids are OBSESSED with the birds.  Every time I look out the window this is what I see. IMG_1071

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

the rest of Memorial weekend

Wyatt finally learned to enjoy a jet ski ride.  But only if sandwiched between Daddy and a sibling. 

Mister Wilson is as FAST as ever.  And Ella is happy to tag along for the ride. 
2014-05-28 mem wkd3WM

I bribed the boys for a picture…the reward was Chris going swimming with them in the super cold lake water!

2014-05-28 mem wkd4WM

No tubing this weekend….just floating near the dock.  Maybe this is a practice run for the real thing?

2014-05-28 mem wkd5WM

Will asked to go out on his own, for an “adventure”.  I warned him it might be hard and he didn’t mind.  It took him a bit to get the hang of steering and pedaling but he successfully went around the dock a few times.  (he was always within swimming distance of us).  I was so proud of him.  And he was VERY proud of himself.  He definitely thought he was a big kid!

2014-05-28 mem wkd6WM

Monday, June 02, 2014

Wyatt’s lake weekend

I was surprised that Wyatt was so excited about going to the lake this year.  He’s such a home body and doesn’t love the water like the other two.  But he was right there with them counting down the days to our first lake weekend.  He had a ton of fun.  And even graduated to a real life jacket, not just a puddle jumper.  Where did my baby go?!

Wyatt is the king of funny faces. And phrases.  His go-to phrase this weekend was “Aye, aye Captain!” and “Come aboard”.  He thought he was king of the ship and let us all know by standing guard on the boat and granting us permission to board. 

2014-05-28 mem wkd2WM