Friday, May 23, 2014

where did my kindergartener go?

And just as quickly as it started, it ended….Mister Wilson has finished Kindergarten!
2014-05-22 last day (1) 

He has learned to read, count, spell, use the computer and library.  Ride the bus.  Buy his lunch. Follow direction, follow rules, make friends. All the big kid stuff!
2014-05-22 last day (5)

Will brought home an enormous binder filled with his daily work.  Mostly writing assignments, there were a few really good/funny ones worth reading (if you can interpret his handwriting).

Will told me his favorite part of school was counting (surprised he didn’t say computer lab!).  And that he really liked his teacher. He couldn’t believe he would be getting a new teacher next year. 

He told me this summer he was most looking forward to “wearing his PJs all day!” and going to his school library and checking out “non-fiction books! And any level books I want!”.  Clearly, he’s exited about breaking all the library rules this summer.

I cannot believe this year went by so fast!  First grade will be here soon enough.


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