Friday, May 30, 2014


this is exactly how Will refers to his bird field guide….every.single.time.

Will’s love of animal field guides is ever present. While at the lake, we often see Blue Heron and Osprey.  Saturday I asked Will if he was having fun and he said “Yes, but I haven’t seen a blue heron yet.”.  Later on a boat ride, we crossed blue heron off his bucket list.  Interestingly enough, he seemed mostly unimpressed. But that changed soon enough.  Poppy led us to a Osprey nest.  And Will was beside himself.  Quickly rattling off facts while staring in awe. We were able to see the Mama bird flying with a fish in her talons for the (huge) babies in her nest.  But the best part was when Will “talked” to the osprey: Osprey, you are in my Raptor book! I’ve read all about you!  He said a few other things too him but I’ve already forgotten.  And then he waved goodbye to him. 

I’m pretty sure THIS is one of those things I will miss in a few years when he’s too cool for raptors and animal field guides.

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2014-05-24 raportWM

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